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Hitesh’s passion for cuisine began early at Rizvi College where he studied hotel management and was often exposed to the vibrant world of bustling kitchens and fragrant Indian fare. Chef Rana has worked in several 5-Star establishments under some of his country’s finest culinary artists. A stint at The Ambassador Hotel in Mumbai helped the chef gain the culinary skill, flavor building expertise, and business acumen to work with a team from The Mars group to open “Sachins” a restaurant dedicated to Sir Sachin Tendulkar of Indian Cricket fame. In 2006 he brought his passion for beautifully prepared, high-quality, haute Indian cuisine to Canada, and has received much praise for its elegant, spicy yet luscious flavors and presentation.

Reserve a table today and experience Chef Hitesh’s passion for his past, his country, and his cuisine. Daal Roti is an authentic, adventurous, amazing Indian dining delight.

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